Monday, May 4, 2009

32 Things About Joanna

32 Things about me that you may not know:
1. I was born in the most unusual place. (Want to know me!)
2. I was only 3 lbs 13 1/2 oz when I was born. (Little I know-What happened?)
3. I have lived in several towns in Minnesota (Emily, Remer, Crosby, Ironton, Brainerd, Baxter)
4. I cried the whole first day of 3rd grade. (Why you ask? I had my first male teacher and I didn't like the idea. He was the best teacher EVER!)
5. I had the same 5th and 6th grade teacher in elementary school in Crosby. (Crazy I know-He was a great teacher too!)
6. My 6th grade class was the first class to graduate from CRES (Cuyuna Range Elementary School).
7. I once threatened to run away (Not a good thing to say in front of Grandpa-Oh Yay! He gave me a talking to!)
8. I graduated from Brainerd Senior High School in 1995.
9. I met Scott in the beginning of 1994. (YEP-High school sweethearts)
10. I graduated with an AA degree in 1997.
11. I worked at Paul Bunyan one summer.
12. I graduated with an AAS-Child Development degree in 1998.
13. Scott and I were married on Sept 12, 1998.
14. My mom walked me down the aisle.
15. Infertility was the hardest thing that I have ever struggled with.
16. My best friends are Scott and my Mom.
17. One of my happiest moments in my life was when Matthew was born (I cried and I cry every time I think about that day!)
18. I drive a tan Ford Explorer. (We originally bought it because we were going on a trip to Clarkston, Washington to visit my grandparents-Ok and I really wanted an Explorer)
19. I was an office administrator (technically secretary and bookkeeper but administrator sounds more professional).
20. Just before Matthew was born I was a cabinet designer.
21. I am now a stay at home mom and LOVE it!
22. I love to scrapbook!
23. I am addicted to Facebook-thanks to my sister
24. I hate doing laundry! (It's really the folding and putting away that I don't like).
25. I like to fish (but someone else has to put the worm on and take the fish off for me)
26. I almost tipped the boat when I caught my first northern. (I did hold that fish so I could get a picture-Ask to see it when you come to visit it is funny.)
27. I have always wanted to learn how to play piano (I plan to learn!)
28. I like to watch TV (Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Private Practice, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives and Deadliest Catch)
29. I would do anything for Scott or Matthew!
30.I enjoy blogging (even though I should be doing other things most of the time)
31. I am Spoiled!
32. Today is my birthday!
Why 32 things? Well as you probably guessed I am 32 today! I hope you enjoyed my 32 things. When I started I didn't think that it would be very hard to do but once I started I realized it was.
OH YAY-Guess what Matthew's present was for me today? YEP- he peed on me 3 times this morning! What a crazy boy! He is the BEST!


Mike and Katie said...

Happy Birthday to you!

jodilee0123 said...

Great post! I hope you had a fantastic birthday! ;0)