Monday, April 20, 2009

Mountain Dew

Okay I know that he probably shouldn't have Mountain Dew but whenever we have something he ALWAYS wants some so Scott let him try some. Look at the wide open mouth and the drool.Tongue sticking out!
Enjoying a drink
After a couple of sips I made Scott quit but of course Matthew was not happy with me. We did side track him with something else.

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jodilee0123 said...

Those pictures are so great! Especially since my favorite is Dt. Mt. Dew! So, was Matthew up all night after his caffeine fix? Jakob has stolen my sodas before--I would hear the pitter patter of his feet running down the hall and from the closet would come the loudest--MMMMMMMMmmmmmm!! Ahhhhhh!!! Like we couldn't hear him at all! hahaha! Kids are so funny! :0)