Thursday, April 30, 2009


Last night for diner I made alfredo. Matthew LOVES alfredo. Scott could not feed it to him fast enough. Scott couldn't even make it back to his plate to cut more noodles up and Matthew was screaming for more. When he gets mad he spits. It is so funny. Matthew was one hungry boy that night. He ate lots of alfredo, some crackers and a jar of bananas. It is so much fun to watch him eat crackers. Most babies would suck on them but not Matthew. He chews them and they crunch. He is pretty fast at eating crackers too! After his alfredo and all the other food he ate Daddy gave him a bath! Giving in a bath in the regular tub has been going alright. He somes has the idea in his head that he does not want to sit up so he will straighten his back out. All you can do then is lay him down in the water. Last night, Scott did get him to sit up for a little tiny bit.
What a Silly Face!!!!!!! Scott was wringing out the wash cloth so that water would drip on his tummy!
He sure loves his daddy!
PS Yesterday while at Papa and Gram's house, Papa said that Matthew rolled over on top of a toy and he pulled his knees up and was on all fours. I wasn't surprised because in the morning before we left, he rolled to his side and pulled his knees up and rolled again so that he could move forward (he wanted to get to the cat). He will probably be crawling soon! It is exciting and sad all at the same time. It is exciting because he is learning so many new things but sad because that means he is growing just way to fast.

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jodilee0123 said...

I just want to know where he puts all of his food. . . He is still just a tiny little thing! Still all smiles!! We are very busy with mobility here! I wouldn't be surprise if he started crawling, pulling himself up and popping his teeth all in the same week! :0)