Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Coloring

Tonight we colored Easter eggs. Matthew had a great time. His egg was a little cracked up by the time we were done and the table was a little waxed up from the crayon that came in the kit but you have a 1st once so we let him have fun! I am not sure if this is a goofy face or if he was starting to get mad because I took the egg to put it in one of the colors. It's just a funny picture!
He sure was admiring the colors!
It was hard to get him to let go and put it in the color.
The concentration! He always gets into his "work" with lots of concentration.

Trying so hard to write on the egg!
Almost got the crayon to the egg.
Our finished product! Check out the egg in front of the carton! Yep that is Matthew's egg that he worked hard on. It was dropped on the table and the floor a few time and is pretty cracked up! Lots of pretty colors. What a exciting time!
We have had so much fun since September 2008 when Matthew was born. I love watching all his firsts! Tomorrow will be his 1st Easter. Our first Easter bunny first tonight-


Keilani said...

Awwww... I want to cry! Such a happy baby, such a nice mom & dad!
Happy Easter Matthew! Love, Bash & Grandma G!!!!! Hugs & Kisses

Tia Noel said...

How wonderful !!Both of you looked like you were having so much fun with his 1st Easter egg adventure. Thank you for the pics ! Hugs!