Sunday, April 19, 2009

Domestic Adoption Works

Yesterday we were in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Lutheran Social Services (LSS) at a open house called Domestic Adoption Works. We "hosted" a table and people could come to our table and ask us questions, hear our story and look at our pictures. Adie, Matthew's birthmom, was there with us. We had a great time with Adie. It is always so much fun to spend the day with her. We all had a great time at the open house and we got to meet other families that have adopted through LSS. I wish that we could have been able to talk to the other families a little bit more. Matthew had lots of fun too! The three pictures below are Matthew and Jada. She is a little over a month older than Matthew. They played really good together and as always Matthew squeels at the girls. To read Jada's story go to Jodi's blog.


Mike and Katie said...

Great day! It sounds like that was a great work shop. Mike and I both agreed the panel of birth parents, adoptive parents an adoptive kids was the most helpful to us at our training. It was so good to see the interaction between birth parents and adoptive parents. I'm very proud of Adie for being willing to put herself out there. It is such a blessing to other familes and birth moms considering.

I would love to have such a close connection with our children's birth parents. We're still praying for our miracle MN baby!

I'm glad Jodi was there, too. I wished to see more transracial adoptive families during our wait.


Jill said...

Hi Joanna,
I think it's wonderful that you and your husband are involved with adoption workshops! Since I adopted Skylar last year, I wanted to get involved in some form with adoption but don't where to start.

We had a private adoption so there isn't really a agency that I can work for. I know that there is an official "Adoption Day" and I blog about that, but that's about it!

Matthew is a cutie! I love the bath pictures in your other post!

Happy Days,