Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Boy!

We can't believe what a happy boy we have! He is almost always smiling especially when he has food. He thinks he is hot stuff when he sits in the high chair. The high chair is in between mine and Scott's chairs. He also knows that when he is in the high chair he is going to get food. The boy LOVES to eat. Yesterday we discovered that he will eat peas. No-not the baby food kind but the actual vegetable. Whenever we would try baby food peas he would always gag. I don't blame him they were pretty bad. He really likes stuffing as you can see. Always smiling :)
Cool Dude! Look at my new shades. They are suppose to be an easter present but I couldn't wait that long. They are different because they have a band with elastic but of course they are a little big on him still and they fall off easy. By the time we need them this summer they will fit good I am sure.

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