Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Scott & His Dear Friend, Matthew

This picture was taken back in October of 1985. On the left is Scott and on the right is Scott's very dear friend, Matthew John Gaffney. Today would have been Matthew's 31st birthday. Scott lost his dear friend back on July 14, 1989. It was a very hard loss on Scott because Matthew was Scott's best friend. Scott remembers during their 5th grade year(1988-1989), they would always meet in the library before school and draw. The drawings were of spaceships that had guns and cannons. The ship designs were often copied from Matthew's design and then each ship had its own personal touches added.

After hearing Scott tell the heartbreaking story of his dear friend, I wanted to honor him in a special way. We decided that the best way to honor him was to name our son, Matthew.

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