Saturday, February 21, 2009

1st Tractor Ride

Matthew's first time on the tractor. What a cute John Deere Family. When it is warm out, we will take another family picture with the tractor and also our John Deere shirts. Scott's mom for Christmas made us each a shirt with a picture of Scott's tractor. Matthew is Little Johnny Popper, Scott is Johnny Popper and I am Mrs. Johnny Popper.Mommy and Matthew on the tractor. Look at our cute matching hats. My sister made them for us.
Daddy and Matthew on the tractor
Matthew didn't know what to think when we went outside. It was the first time we had him outside in the bear suit. It was hard to get him to look at the camera because he was to busy looking at the tractor.


Keilani said...

Hi Matthew! Grandma sees you on that tractor with Mommy & Daddy! What fun you were having! What a great mommy & daddy you have!

Mike and Katie said...

He's all boy!