Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dinner with Matthew's Birthfather

After church today, we took Matthew's birthfather out for dinner to celebrate his birthday. We forgot to ask his permission to use his name so until we get his permission, we can only say birthfather. In Scott's family it is tradition that the birthday person decides where we eat. Today we went to Applebee's (YUM!). Everyone knows what happens at Applebee's if they know it is your birthday. OH Ya they sing to the birthday person quite loudly so the whole restaurant hears. On our way there, we promised not to tell. Scott the jokester that he is had Matthew's birthfather quite worried. Shortly after we arrived Scott said he had to go to the bathroom. Of course it worked out great because he happened to follow our waitress and he "ran" to catch up with her. Then he looked around the corner at Matthew's birthfather and just smiled. So Matthew's birthfather was on the edge of his seat while we were there especially when he heard clapping from the waitress's on their way to another table. He had nothing to worry about and no one sang to him.

Matthew's birthfather is so good with him. He loves to hold Matthew and is always giving him kisses. Sorry I didn't take any pictures, we were to busy talking.

At lunch today, Scott was working with Matthew to try and put him to sleep so when birthfather was done eating he starting working with Matthew so Scott could eat. Birthfather put his hands into the car carrier to stop Matthew from taking his nuk out of his mouth and Matthew grabbed his fingers and birthfather rocked him and had success putting him to sleep. Birthfather was so patient with Matthew even though Matthew was crying and making a scene. Thanks Birthfather!

PS We also had a nice visit with birthfather's mom, sister and one of his brothers. His brother is only 17 months old and he is so adorable. When we first got there, he wanted nothing to do with us. After he warmed up a little bit, I was tickling him and he was trying to tickling me. I had a great time. I could take that little one home with me. I LOVE KIDS!

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jodilee0123 said...

How wonderful! It warms my heart to know that there are others out there that feel the same way we do about having the birth families involved. I know the joy it brings to your heart to see them hug, hold and kiss their sweet precious child. Thank you for sharing!