Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Walk down the Paul Bunyan Trail

One day last week, I decided that Matthew and I were going to take a walk down the Paul Bunyan trail.  When I told Matthew, he said, "scared" because whenever we talk about Paul Bunyan he always says that he was scared.

We found a fun little bridge that we played on for a few minutes.

I got a few good pictures of him on the bridge, otherwise they were all of him walking away from me.

When we seen the trail that leads back to the parking lot, Matthew got really excited and shouted, Right There!  He started clapping and was really excited to be going back to the car.

This was one of the views that we seen.
Matthew just being silly and sitting the wrong way in the stroller.
Just being a silly boy!
He was fascinated with sticking out his tongue!
We had lots of fun on our walk that day.
We will definitely being walking the trail again.
I hope next time we can get Daddy to go with us and get some family pictures.

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John and Elisa Seaba said...

You got some awesome pictures!! Love his blue blue eyes!!