Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Train Ride in Duluth

I am sorry that I am so late on getting this posted but on Monday night last week, I got sick with what I thought was the flu.  On Tuesday, Scott and I ended up spending 5 hours in the ER.  I was diagnosed with Vertigo.  I just started feeling better on Sunday and am pretty much feeling like my old self again.

On Sunday, September 26, we went to Duluth  for a train ride.  We were on the train for a total of about 4 hours.  It was about a 2 hour ride to Two Harbors, 2 hour layover and then 2 hours ride back to Duluth.
The train engine was a 1957 locomotive that was original used on the iron range.
We got to see inside the engine.
Do you see us?
Our first train ride!
Matthew loves trains and he talked about going for a train ride for days.
I think he was a little tired from our drive to Duluth.
Getting ready to go!
A ship we seen from the train in the Duluth harbor.
One of the train cars had big openings with gates that you could look and lean out to take awesome pictures like this!
A river that we passed!
We had a wonderful tour guide to told us all about the scenery/landmarks that we passed!
Do you see the guy fishing down there?
Some colorful scenery!
Do you see Lake Superior in the background?
Another creek/river that we passed!
It sure is beautiful country.
We had to stop at these lights to get clearance from Two Harbors to continue on the track.
Light beacon in Two Harbors.
A ship back out in Two Harbors!
Do you see it?
Closer look at the light beacon!
Matthew had a blast and talked about everything he seen!!!
Back in Duluth, we passed another train on the rail next to us!
A view between the 2 trains.
I know I take weird pictures but I thought it was cool.
The lift bridge!
The view from the train!
After our train ride, we headed to Canal Park to the lift bridge for a little bit before we headed home.
As we were getting out of the vehicle, we noticed the lift bridge was going up and this is the ship that was headed out!
Look at how tiny that sailboat looks compared to that ship!
Then Grammie and Papa rented this cool bike for a quick few spins around the boardwalk.

Adam and Kyra took the kids for a spin!
Levi had to stay with us!
He is such a happy boy!
Then Grammie and Papa took the kids for a spin.
Both kids were cold and shivering for they got wrapped up in Scott and my coats!
Scott and I
Matthew was with Grammie and Papa on the bike!
He had so much fun on the bike even though he was so cold!
Our freezing cold baby after his ride!
The lighthouse at the end of the pier!
Another family photo!
We had so much fun!
I hope we go again next year!!

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