Saturday, October 30, 2010

Four Wheeler

Let me apologize for failing to post lately! 
These pictures are from October 19.
Daddy brought Matthew home a "new" toy. 
Yes a four wheeler!
I know some people are going to critic our parenting because he is only 2 years old.  But please note that we are taking what we see as careful precautions to keeping him safe while he rides. 

Matthew was pretty excited!  For his first time, he did an awesome job with steering.
First attempt at driving with daddy running beside!
Daddy came up to another idea after we took this video!
See below!

First idea: Ride with him!
Second Idea: Matthew is waiting until gets to the second idea.
Riding it by himself with daddy's second idea.  Wait for it......
Notice anything in this picture.....
Daddy's Second Idea: Tie a rope to the back and walk behind.
That way he can slow him down, not let him go very fast and stop him from running into anything.
Matthew loves it!  Whenever he would slow down or stop, he would turn around and look at daddy and give him a HUGE smile!!
It's a toy that he can ride for a few years!
Next step: A Helmet!
Matthew was really excited!  He loves going on rides with his Papa on the wheeler and yes he has a helmet at Grammie and Papa's house.


Keilani said...

Love the video!!! He is so cute! Great idea Scott (the rope!) Parents are so inventive!I know he is the most important thing to both of you, and you are his parents which means you will keep him safe...Grandma G loves you Matthew!!

jodilee0123 said...

I'm sure there is a funny video waiting to happen with Daddy running behind the four wheeler! My kids would love something like that--you are lucky you have space to ride it!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Oh how fun!!!

We have a big one, but my 3 yr old is dying for one his size. He calls it a zoom-zoomer.