Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Birthday Pictures

Remember back in June when I showed you a picture and asked you what I was doing? 
Click here for a review of the photo from June. 
 I was working on everything for Matthew's birthday party. 
Here are some pictures of my finished project and some more pictures from his birthday party on Friday night:
The Invitation:
See how the invitation says park?
Well you will notice that we didn't have the party at the park. 
 The weather just did not want cooperate with us so a few days before his party we moved it to our church.
Yes I had to call all of the guests to tell them about the change of plans. 
It only took me 3 hours to call everyone.

A picture of the banner that I made:
The cupcakes:
(PS Each cupcake (100) had a picture on it and there was only a couple repeat pictures.)
Matthew got a little stage fright when everyone sang to him and it took a lot of coaxing to get him to blow out his candles.
Remember the first birthday post how I talked about two every special people, here they are with Matthew:
Matthew with Sebastian (His birthfather)
Matthew with Adie (His birthmother)
We had a wonderful time with all of our guests!
Guess how many there were?
There was a lot!

Present opening time:
(PS: I'll only show you a few because I know you are busy and don't have all day to look at all of them.)
He got this really cool frame with his name on it.
An awesome John Deere shirt:
(It says: My Daddy's John Deere is bigger than Your Daddy's)
A Bible called: My Pajama Bible
(I'm weird-what can I say)
A Minnesota Vikings outfit:
A Mater (Disney Pixar Cars) book.
OH Yay!  Lots of Cars themed items!
He loved this book!
It was one of the first presents he opened and he didn't want to open anymore until he was done reading it.
These are all of the gifts:
Yes they took up most of our living room!
One of my favorites is on the right side of picture-Do you see the picture frame with his name on it?
Each letter is an opening for a picture!
I am so excited to fill it and hang it.
He is one spoiled loved little boy!
Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us!

PS Do you really want to know how many people were there?  There was 68 including me, Matthew and Scott.


Mike and Katie said...

What an amazing celebration! He is so loved!

Keilani said...

It was a GREAT celebration!! Matthew is so darn cute & I see he raked in the loot! Thank you for the amazing opportunity to see all of you! You are such a kind gracious family, and we truly appreciate that! Ps..the food was amazing & your decorations were even more amazing!