Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mini Golf

On Sunday, we went and played mini golf at Pirate's Cove.
We had a blast! 
 Scott helped Matthew a few times but most of the time, Matthew wanted no help whatsoever! 
 He made it easy on all of us and helped get our golf ball in the hole.

Here are a few pictures from our mini golfing adventure with an almost 2 year old:
Daddy helping him on his first hole!
After that he didn't want any help!
Going to get him ball to put it in the hole.
Trying really hard!
Sitting in the Pirate's cave!
It's easier to throw the ball!
Dropping it in the hole!
I just thought this one was cute!
Still trying to figure out the club by himself.
Look at the concentration!
Whenever he is concentrating really hard, the tongue is moving everywhere!
Daddy and Matthew
Mommy and Matthew
This one was his favorite!
You are suppose to hit the ball into the waterfall and it comes out of the bottom of the rock.
As you can see Matthew decided to throw it in.
Coming out of the bottom of the rock.
He let Daddy help him on the last one to see if we could get a hole in one.
If you get a hole in one, you win a free game of golf.
None of us did it!
 (I did get a hole in one on one of the previous ones)
Matthew wondering where his ball went!
We had a blast!
We will definitely try that again!

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Keilani said...

Wow! It looks like you really had some fun! Maybe golf is in the future huh?? Or baseball? Or Football? I love the pics of you guys together!