Thursday, September 9, 2010

Matthew's Birthday

Matthew turned 2 years old yesterday!
How did that happen so fast?  It seems just like yesterday that we were waiting for him to be born!  We were changed forever that day!  There are not enough words in this world to express to two very important people (Adie and Sebastian-Matthew's birthparents) just how happy that they made us!  Not only were we blessed with a wonderful son who we love to pieces and can't imagine our lives without but we were also blessed with lots of wonderful people who love Matthew and us and who we are so happy to now have as part of our family. 
 Open adoption is so wonderful! 

And now here are some pictures from Matthew's birthday:
(Don't worry there will be more to come after his BIG party tomorrow)

After he went to bed on Tuesday, I brought home some Lightening McQueen and Mater balloons!
He loves balloons!
He was pretty excited to see the balloons when he woke up yesterday!
Right away when he seen the balloons (or when he seen the big Lightening McQueen one) he said "KaChow". 
 He loves the Disney movie CARS!
He played and played with them as well as his new art easel that you can kind of see behind the balloons!
He loves the chalkboard!
Our birthday boy!
I still can't believe that he is 2!
He is so darn cute!
We had a very busy day!  Take notice from the above picture to the next picture his hair!
We went and got his hair cut along with mine, had lunch with daddy, had a blizzard from DQ, took a nap, dinner at playland McDonalds and then a small party with DQ ice cream cake at home.

Playing at Playland McDonalds!
He was in a really good mood!
Opening some presents!
He was really getting into it!
More opening!
Having Aunt K help him!
His new Lightening McQueen/Mater shoes that light up!
Mater legos!
His ice cream cake from DQ!
See the one purple dot?
That is my sister's signature!
(My sister works at the DQ and she happened to make his cake and put the purple dot (her favorite color) as her signature!)
Patiently waiting for his ice cream cake!



jodilee0123 said...

That made me cry. . . I just know how special he is to you guys. I know how much his birth family means to you too! ;0) Sending my birthday wishes!

Keilani said...

Oh! Happy Birthday to my absolute best and sweetest grandbaby!!! I love you and mommy and daddy! (It is a good thing you posted this, I gotta return something!) Thank you both for letting my family be a part of your family. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this journey to turn out so nicely. Matthew, you have then kindest, most compassionate,and giving parents a child could ever ask for. God gave us all each other and I am humbled by the graciousness you give to us. Love you all! Grandma G!

Making Our Family Complete said...

Happy Brithday Matthew!

Thank you so much for stopping by our site and sending good thoughts and prayers they are very much appreciated!