Saturday, September 18, 2010

Air Show/Airplane Ride

Today we went to an air show at the local airport.  There were (5) T-6 air craft from World War 2.
Matthew had lots of fun!
He was giving thumbs up watching all the air craft!
Watching the Military Blackhawk helicopter come in for a landing!
The Blackhawk helicopter
Right after the Blackhawk shut down and we started walking over to it, Matthew freaked out for a couple minutes but then he was fine to look in it.
Matthew even got to sit in the Blackhawk!
Watching the airshow and showing us where the airplanes where flying.
V formation!
The smoke!
It was an awesome air show!
Matthew got to ride on Daddy's shoulder lots today!
Another fly over!
Just before our airplane ride!
I don't have any pictures of us loading the airplane but as soon as I get some from my father in law, I will show you a few more pictures.
So cute, sitting there trying to look out the window.
Aunt K went with us too!
Daddy getting ready to our ride.
Emma went too!
He was pretty excited and was squeeling!
He could see the higher things moving by as we taxied down the runway.
After we got up, the pilot whose name was Kai, let Scott take Matthew out of the seatbelt so that he would see out the window.  He was glued to the window!
One of the few pictures that I got from the air.
Matthew did great on the ride but me on the other hand, WOW it was a LONG ride.
I didn't lose my lunch but I sure felt like I could.  It helped that I had some cool air blowing on me the whole time.  Scott asked me shortly into our flight how I was and I said ok and after that the pilot kept an eye on me.
This picture is of some of the area lakes.
The lake in the bottom of the picture is North Long Lake, the lake in the middle is Round Lake, the one on the left side of the picture just off of Round Lake is Hole In The Day (which is part of Gull Lake), and the other one just behind Round Lake is Gladestone Lake (It is the one that it looks like it is pointing toward the highway).
I had to take a picture of the runway because I was so happy to see it again.
I was glad that we were almost back on the ground.
We had a great time!
But next time I think that I will stay on the ground and let them go flying!


Keilani said...

Next time, call me & I will stay on solid ground with you!!! We can watch from below! Haha.. It looks like you all had a great time though.(Besides the nausea) I heard a story once about a military plane that had turbulence and v!*it rolled down the aisle. Glad I wasn't there! :p Ick!

jodilee0123 said...

I cannot believe you did that! I would be terrified!