Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

The Crosby Parade:

It's not really a good picture but can you see the bag that my nephew is holding?
Between Friday and Saturday, I made 5 of them.  They are red outside with a white star (with their name on it) with a dark blue with red and white stars on the inside and handles.
I'll take a better picture when I get a couple minutes.
The mini serpent.  It looks like the big serpent at the park that the kids can crawl on.
Hopefully sometime this summer we can get Matthew to that park.
Matthew was bored with the parade.
He wanted to play on the hill instead.
Can you find me?
Dark blue shirt and sunglasses
(Next to the lady with the straw hat)
Then he had to come sit on my lap or go up the hill and sit on daddy's lap.
He came and sat on my lap.
A fish made out of blue tarps, red and white paper plates and white garbage bags.
The cousins: Emma, Eva, Matthew and Alexa.
Matthew playing.
He never likes to look at the camera anymore.
My niece Annabelle.  She is 5 months old already.
We had a super one 4th of July.
We even took Matthew to the fireworks.
After the 3 one was shot, he said "bye bye" "bye bye".
We snuggled him up closer and he relaxed and had lots of fun!

How was your 4th of July?

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Amber said...

Beautiful pictures! I love that last one. :)end