Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Century Old Farm

Our next adventure on Saturday was all the way over in Wadena.  The farm that Scott's grandma grew up on was celebrating as a Century Old Farm.  The farm is now owed by Scott's grandma, Tillie's nephew.  It was fun to see where Grandma Tillie grew up.

Here are a few pictures:
The original farm house...
Aerial view:
Farm house after an addition and new siding....
They had an awesome banner with all the years and what was done or bought.
This is just the top part.
The Barn...
This organ was played by Grandma Tillie.
It was at my in-law's home for many years.
It was then taken to a relative in Wadena to be restored and is currently at the home of Grandma Tillie's sister.
Matthew and Scott loved the tractors!
This is the surrey that Grandma Tillie's dad owned and often brought her to school in it.
One of the earliest pictures taken of the surrey was in 1912.
The surrey was very upscale at the time.
Emma and Matthew in the surrey.


Mike and Katie said...

How close was the homestead to the storm damage?

What a great history!

A Family of Love said...

I want to say that the farm is 3 to 4 miles from where the storm damage was.