Sunday, May 16, 2010

Playing Outside

At our apartment, there is a little bit of yard for Matthew to play in so on Friday since we didn't make it to the park we played outside until Scott got home.  After dinner Matthew and Scott did go to the park while I went scrapbooking for a few hours.

Matthew loves this bubble gun but can't figure out how to hold it.
I have tried over and over again.
I think that it is easier for him this way but of course the bubbles end up in his face.
He did lots of investigating!
He found some pine cones.
Took a little ride on his four wheeler.
More Investigating!
Caught me taking pictures of him when he wasn't looking.

PS Guess what I discovered last week?
Matthew is getting 2 molars in on the top.
This is the first time that he hasn't had a fever for a few days before teeth have come in.

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