Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Sunday after naps and dinner, we enjoyed the park for awhile.
Doesn't he look so big on this swing?
He thinks he is hot stuff in this swing instead of the baby swing.
(but of course he wouldn't look at me)
Matthew and Daddy riding the dinosaur!
Matthew giving the dinosaur a little sand treat!
(He seem another kid to the same thing about 5 minutes before! Yep, he is in the repeating everything stage!)
Mommy helping Matthew with the scoop!
Like I said, he repeats everything.
(He watched a child go up this and decided he should too!)
Guess he doesn't want to hear it!
Then he wanted to try the chain ladder!
He's a brave kid and has no fear whatsoever!!!!!
We sure had a fun time at the park!
We are loving this weather!

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