Monday, May 10, 2010

Annabelle's Baptism

Annabelle's baptism was at a very cute country church called Vista Lutheran Church.
Pastor Cary is Annabelle's uncle (her dad's brother).
Matthew of course had to make his presence known.
During one of the prayers after everyone had already said, Amen, Matthew added in his Amen too.
The pastor told us that everyone smiled or chuckled a little.
As we were standing up front, Matthew was in the pew, crying for his momma so he got to come stand by me.  He didn't stay in one place for long
As you probably have already gathered, I am one of Annabelle's godmothers (or baptismal sponser).
Ok this is just proof that Matthew does go to people he doesn't know.
This is Sara (daughter of the pastor).
Matthew was flirting with the girls and walked over to Sara and let her pick him up.
Scott had to take a picture so that we had proof that he let someone else hold him other than one of us.
This beautiful work of art was at the front of the church.
After the service, Scott and Matthew were up looking at it.
Matthew kept saying no, no.
Scott realized that Matthew was saying that he didn't want Jesus to hold him.

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This is too cute!!!