Sunday, June 28, 2009

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa while they were camping

On Friday night, Grandma (pictured in first picture) and Grandpa (in 3rd picture down in green shirt) were camping in Aitkin. We went up and had supper with them and of course we had to make some smores! Grandma cooked us yummy hamburgers and hot dogs (Matthew's favorite).This is Matthew's auntie Patty! She doesn't like her picture taken so I took this one without her realizing it. Hahaha Patty!
Grandpa is in the green shirt.
This is Matthew's new thing. He only chews on the thumb! It is always on that side. His gum is swelled on that side a bit but not sure what is going on.
Matthew's cousin Austin. He is a crazy boy! He loves strawberries!
This is Matthew's Old (great) Grandma! She is a silly grandma.
This is Matthew's auntie Suzie! She is CRAZY!!!
Eating all the yummy food that Grandma made for us.
Austin is a wild man so when Grandpa started the fire, he had to be put in his harness. He was decided that he was going to get tangled up with Grandma. Grandma almost fell.
Austin's flashlight that they found at a garage sale that day. It is a witch and does a funny witch laugh and Austin was having a blast shining it everywhere. He kept shining it in Auntie Suzie's eyes and then giggle!
By the end of the night, Matthew was worn out and crashed in Daddy's arms while we were sitting around the campfire.

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Mike and Katie said...

Fun! Your family or Scott's?