Saturday, June 13, 2009

Playing in Pelican Lake

Today we went to Breezy Point with Scott. He was repairing a grandfather clock for some super nice people who live on the lake. They just loved Matthew to pieces. Matthew and I walked down the dock and before we left I took Matthew to put his feet in Pelican Lake.
First time in a lake!
I am so excited for our first camping trip with Matthew.
See the timeline to see how many days left before we go camping!
It was a little cold!
He just didn't want to get his feet wet!
Okay so he just had to keep trying to stick his feet in.
After we stood up Matthew got really excited and started waving!
We spent a few minutes on the patio visiting until the grandfather struck the hour so Scott could make sure that it was working right. Matthew is playing with one of Scott's clock tools.

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