Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Helping Daddy

Yesterday Scott came home early but still have to work on repairing some tools for the shop. Well Matthew decided that he was going to help daddy! Matthew got right in and started playing with everything. He even grabbed the bag with parts in it and just as he was about to dump it upside down, I was able to grab the bag so no parts fell out. You should have seen Matthew's jammies when they were done. They were dirty and full of saw dust!Trying to fix it using his red ball! :)
Then he decided that he was going to take the part that he has in his hand. Of course after he got ahold of it he army crawled away. As Scott was putting everything back together he looked at me and asked where a part was. I said Oh the one Matthew has. Sure enough, Matthew was just as busy as can being playing and examining the part that Scott needed. Yay he was not so happy with daddy when daddy took the part back!


Katie said...

That's so awesome! May Scott have many more days of his little boy working right by his side getting dirty.

We have that same ball toy with the psyco clown laugh. Amanda knows that if you pick it up and drop it, it will laugh, too.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a cute picture..I bet the little guy would love to get his hands of some of that stuff..Adorable.