Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday's Happening

So this top picture is a cute picture of our now happy boy who fell down the stairs yesterday and put a nice little gash on the top of his head.

 His gash required 3 stitches.
Here's a better picture after we got it all cleaned up last night:
I was in town picking up a few things when it happened.  Scott called me and said Can you come home we need to take Matthew in to get a few stitches.  My heart instantly started racing.  How can Scott be so calm? I did okay until I got home and seen the blood but after I came in and gave Matthew a hug I felt better.  Matthew and Scott had been working outside.  They came inside to get something to drink because Matthew was thristy.  As they went back out, Matthew fell down the stairs outside and went through the railing (after we moved the deck this past summer we put the old deck back up temporarily and the railing on the deck has the top handrail and then a short handrail).  When he fell, he went right under the short handrail and Scott said he grabbed for him but couldn't get enough of his coat to stop him.  The doctors and nurses we had at urgent care was wonderful.  I didn't lose it until they had to strap him down to do the stitches.  Scott held his head and I got to hold his hands.  I am sure that eveyone in the clinic could hear Matthew screaming and the screaming is what made me lose it.  After the doctor was done, it didn't take Matthew very long to calm down after he was in Daddy's lap.  We took him for ice cream for being a very brave boy while getting stitches.
After we got home, we put batteries in his microphone that he got from Santa.  He was singing and then he said(into his microphone), "I fell down today and bonked my head and got stitches in my head."  It was cute hearing him say his version of the story.
Later in the afternoon, Matthew was playing and hit his elbow on something.  I asked if he was okay and he said, "It's not bleeding" two times.  Had to reassure himself that he didn't have to go to the doctor again.
He got to sleep with us last night so that we could make sure that he was okay.
He is doing good.  He has been his silly little self and continues to make up laugh.


Mike and Katie said...

Ouch! Tyler got a small gash in his head when he was about four. It didn't bleed very much and I didn't even notice it until several hours later. At that point, the doctor said it would be more traumatic to get stitches. It left a pretty good sized scar that's only visible when his hair is buzzed. I figured by the time it mattered (the teen years) he's stop getting buz cuts anyways. And then he enlisted in the military. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of that little gash. I have always wondered if it would have been less noticable if it had been stitched. Oh well...

jodilee0123 said...

AH! Scary! I'm glad things have calmed down. Injuries are so so so scary! Jada should have gotten some stitches in her lip. I was at work when that injury happened and she was not even one yet. Oye! Lots of heart attacks for us!