Thursday, December 1, 2011


Leaves, leaves and more leaves.
Holy Moly do we have leaves at the new house.
One day I spent 4 or more hours picking up leaves (really fight with the lawn mower because every 2 minutes or so the shoot would get plugged up).  And I broke the leaf blower.  It wasn't a good day.
I decided that there were way to many leaves so I was just going to have to rack.
So I racked up a big pile and let Matthew play in it.

Matthew played his little heart out in the leaves even after dark.
A week or so later, I racked the whole yard of leaves into small piles.  Man did I have piles!
It took me all day to rack everything into piles and then another 1/2 day to move the piles (Thank goodness I had help moving the piles otherwise I would have been at it for a whole day!)  Did I hear you say that you wanted to see our yard?  Ok since you asked so nicely.
Here is a picture of it the day we bought it:
And here are some recent ones:

Looks different doesn't it?  The house does anyway.
We had to completely redo the exterior including the roof, windows (except 2 that we have to do next year) and whole exterior had to be redone to get rid of the mice invasion (I'll tell you all about that in another post).


Mike and Katie said...

We've learned to rake the leaves onto big tarps and them pull them into the woods. Some friends of ours even use their van to pull the tarps to their pile. They sure are fun and pretty but whew!

Keilani said...

I love the pics of Matthew in the leaves!!! So cute!