Friday, December 23, 2011


The whole month of December has been a crazy busy month for us!
We have had or have been to lots of Christmas parties already!

We had a wonderful evening with Matthew's birthmom and her family a few weeks ago.  It was a wild one and I haven't laughed like that in a long time. 

Then last weekend we had a fun evening with Matthew's birthfather's family (we were really sad that his birthfather couldn't join us because he ended having to work).  We will have a schedule another time with him.

Here is what birthparents and grandparents received this year from Matthew
(Mom if you are reading you might want to stop right here or it will spoil your Christmas present from Matthew)!

I started with 4" x 4" tiles from Home Depot and some Mod Podge:
 Put the Mod Podge down, then picture and then Mod Podge on top:
 The tiles as they were drying.
After they dried, Scott put 2 coats of an acrylic spray lacquer on them. 
Each birthparent and grandparent received 4 picture coasters tied with a ribbon!
I found this idea on Pinterest!  It's a great website to get great ideas but it is addicting!
I heard the same comment from all who received them that they will NOT be used as coasters

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