Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our "Fourth of July" Celebrations

We had a fun Fourth of July!
We started in Crosby with the parade!
They also start the parade with a police car!
Matthew didn't really like the sirens so he covered his ears.
Firetrucks follow the police car.
There were LOTS of firetrucks.
Almost the whole parade was firetrucks.
Matthew still with his ears covered.
He was really scared and had to sit on my lap for some time.
He finally got down to collect some candy.
Then his favorite float went by.
It had an Allis Chalmers tractor almost just like Matthew's tractor.
Then some snowmobiles came by.
When this old antique snowmobile came by, Matthew said, "It's not very good."
Just sitting by his mama!
Picking up treats that were thrown.
Meet my nephew (Adam Lee)
He is my step-brother's and his girlfriends little guy.
He is so adorable!
I met him for the first time on the 4th.
He was about 10 days old.
Then we went to our next celebration.
Matthew played in the dirt and drank pop!

A Happy Boy for not taking a nap.
A Very Dirty Boy but Happy!
Matthew even made it through the fireworks.
We sat at the Westgate Mall parking lot to watch the fireworks (there's a whole post coming with fireworks pictures).  When we left, Matthew was asleep before we got home and it's only a couple miles.
We had a fun day!

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