Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bed Time

We have been busy at our new house.
Progress is being made on it but not sure if we will make our target date.
It sure will be nice to have a "normal" routine again.
We work out at the house until 9-10 at night, come home shower and go to bed.
Last night, Scott had to run out to Grammie and Papa's house to pick some things up that he needed for today so Matthew got to decide who he wanted to ride with.  Of course, he picked daddy!  I came home, showered and did somethings around the apartment before they got back here.  When they got home I was reading the Sunday paper, Matthew busted in the door and said "I sleep in mommy and daddy's bed".  Scott told him as a special treat for being such a good boy that if he was a good listener and didn't cry during his shower that he could sleep in our bed.  As we were getting into bed, he was just being silly and was giggly.   We had a special little vistor sleeping in between us last night.  After we shut the lights off, Scott and I were talking for a few minutes and every once in awhile, Matthew had to add in his two cents too!  It was so cute!

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