Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Let me first start out by telling you a story:
Some time ago (maybe 3 years ago), Scott and I used to have our niece over most Saturday nights.  Then Sunday morning before church, we would go to McDonalds for breakfast.  Like most kids, she always wanted to say hi to people and ask them what their name was.  There was a man whom we seen regularly at McDonalds *Little side note: All the employees knew him by name* and she always said hi to him and one time she asked him his name.  So every week, we made it a point to say hi to him if he was there and sometimes even talked with him a bit.  One Sunday after she found out that she was getting a new cousin (Matthew), she of course had to tell him.  Then we stopped going for awhile after Matthew was born.  When we started going occasionally, we always hoped we would see him.  One Sunday we did and he was excited to meet our new babe!  Then he reminisced about when his kids were born and how they grow so fast.
Well, after we moved we were out for a walk one night exploring the neighborhood and as we walked by one house, we heard, "Is that Matthew?"  We both stopped and looked at each other and then realized who it was.  It was the man from McDonalds!  We stopped and chatted for a few minutes and he welcomed us to the neighborhood and said that we were welcome to use his beach anytime because his kids really never do.

So here are some pictures from his beach (by the way his name is Terry):
(Quick note: When he put his dock out this year, the end was in sand but with all the rain you actually have to walk in between ankle and knee deep water to get to it)

As you can see, he loves tractors!
Scott found a dragonfly nymph.
Matthew even had to investigate it.
Me on the other hand, I was okay with just looking at it in the water.
We played for quite some time.  Then all of a sudden, Matthew walked up to Scott and said Uppie!
He was cold :(
He is half smiling and half shivering in this picture!
After I got him in dry clothes, he fell in the sand and got a face full of it!
We had a wonderful time!
It is always so enjoyable to spend quality family time together.
(Wondering what his shirt says?  What happens at grandmas, stays at grandmas)

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Keilani said...

What a nice story Joanna & Scott!!! I guess it does take a village to raise a child!! Thanks for the beautiful pictures that you share with all of us Joanna! They are truly magical & help us get a "peek" into the things Matthew does while he is a little boy!!