Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Robin's Nest

A few weeks ago, we noticed that a robin kept flying in and out of this small tree next to our apartment building.  We watched and waited! 
Here is a glimpse of her nest with 4 beautiful eggs:
This was not long after (Just after the eggs hatched):
The next time I went to take pictures, they were learning how to fly and 2 of them jumped out of the tree and tried to fly/run away.
Scott caught them and we put them back in the tree.
This is what a baby robin does when something gets close to his beak.
The robin was very protective of her babies just like any mother.  She dive-bombed us everytime we tried to get a peek.  Matthew was scared to even go by the tree.  Yes she dive-bombed him a couple of times too!  If his ball would go by the tree he would just stand and scream and point at the tree.

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