Sunday, June 27, 2010


We had a fun evening!
Last night, we took Sebastian (Matthew's birthfather) out to dinner to celebrate birthfather's day. 
Yes we are a week behind but he was busy last week.
It is such a blessing to have him (and his family) in our lives.
Matthew loves to be a little show off too!
It is always so fun to see the connection that Matthew and Sebastian have and to see them interacting with each other.
There are often times during everyday activities that Scott or I will stop and comment how much he looks like Sebastian.
I love seeing that!
Matthew sure missed seeing Grandma G last night.
She was working :(.

PS Sorry that I don't have a picture to share but can you believe that I forgot the camera.


John and Elisa Seaba said...

I just think that is so awesome, the relationship that you guys have with matthews birthparents!! Very cool!

Keilani said...

Grandma G missed you too Matthew!!! I am glad you had fun, and heard you guys were playing with straws? Grandma G & Loa need to come to the park & play with you and mom soon!