Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rocking Chair

Matthew's Papa brought this little rocking chair over for him the other day.
This little rocking chair was Scott's rocking chair when he was little from his grandpa.
Matthew moves the chair all over the living room to get a better view of Sesame Street while sitting in it.
Don't  look to close at the last picture because you will probably see snot.
Matthew started getting a runny nose on Wednesday.
He is working on another tooth on the top so at first we thought that is what was causing the runny nose.
But as the week has progressed, we believe that it is a cold.

1 comment:

Keilani said...

Hi little man! Your chair is really nice! I bet your dad played & climbed
in that chair just like you do. I am sorry you have a cold, Grandma G sends you hugs & kisses to make it better!