Wednesday, February 17, 2010


He has been mostly happy this week!
See all the drool spots on his shirt!?

Monday was a tough day for us though in the afternoon that is.  We had a great time in school.  At naptime, Matthew slept for about half an hour and then woke up screaming.  I went into his room and tried rocking him, I tried snuggling on the couch with him, I tried giving him a drink, I tried a snack but nothing worked.  The crying lasted about an hour.  Even talking to daddy on the phone didn't help much.  Then finally i put the movie CARS in and it was like a switch turned off and he was happy.  He jabbered about the movie, ate his snack, had something to drink and was happy.  He was definitely a tired toddler Monday night.  He surprised me Monday night.  He was busy playing and then came over with his phone and wanted up.  I picked him up and we played with the phone for a few minutes and then he fell asleep in my arms.  I, of course, had to snuggle him for a long time since he never wants to snuggle with me when daddy is home.

The only thing that I can think of was that his tooth that is trying to work it's way out was bothering him or he maybe had a tummy ache.

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Keilani said...

That is so funny! Loa loves that movie also!!! Thats cuz they are boys and love those cars...