Monday, December 28, 2009

Just some Pictures

Isn't this the cutest little truck you ever seen?  Matthew is actually suppose to sit in the back of the truck for a chair.  My sister is so talented.  She crocheted this adorable truck.  It is black to match Daddy's truck too!

Yes and it is sitting on the race track mat.

I catch him in the process of making a face at me.  He has on some new jammies he got for Christmas on.  They have a cute little firetruck on the front.
(Grandma G-I always think of you and your brother whenever I find or see anything with a firetruck on it.)

He is too cute!

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Keilani said...

That truck is so cute! I would have never been able to make something like that! Grandma G loves your firetruck jammies Matthew! I also love you! Have fun racing with your new toys....don't drive to fast in your truck though!