Thursday, September 10, 2009

One More Day

That's right one more day until Matthew's big 1st birthday party!
I just hope that he is feeling better.
I don't know if it is his teeth or his cold that has been giving him a low grade fever.
Scott and I are both getting over a cold and we have been trying really hard to keep Matthew from getting it but no luck with that. Last night all Matthew wanted to do was snuggle with his mama (even though daddy was home) which I didn't argue about because he doesn't like to snuggle very much. Please pray that he is feeling better before his party!

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adolfino said...

aww i hope he feels better too if not the family videos will make sure that is one cold you will not forget lol. i hope tomm he and the whole family will have a very happy and special bday. may you all feel better. God bless u all