Tuesday, September 15, 2009

11 years

Matthew was born 4 days before our 10th wedding anniversary.
He has been the best anniversary gift ever.
Saturday September 12 was our 11th anniversary.
I know that I am a little late getting this posted. Our vows in sickness and in health were proved accurate on Saturday. My husband is wonderful! He took great care of me on Saturday. Of all days to be sick with the flu. I don't know which is worse: throwing up or the dry heaves but I had them both.
It is hard to believe that 11 years of marriage have gone by so fast. On the night of our wedding what to know what the first question was that I asked Scott:
Can you have a baby?
He told me we had to wait until we were in a house because we were just renting this tiny little apartment. In 2000 we moved into our new home. In the spring of 2001 we decided that we were ready to start a family. Nothing happened the first year. We tried the temperature thing and the ovulation kits but still nothing. Finally in the spring of 2003 we decided that after 2 years of trying and nothing happening something had to be wrong. We had more hope after see the doctor. She started me on fertility drugs to get my cycle on track and ovulation started. We went through this test and that procedure and then IUI. After 3 IUIs, the doctor wanted us to see a specialist. We seen the specialist and he told us our next option was IVF. I was confused and angry. Why was this happening to us is what I asked myself over and over again. We talked and we cried and we talked and cried some more. I was starting to loss hope of ever being a mom. After much prayer and more talking we decided that we just wanted to be parents. When we started the adoption process we didn't realized that adoption would have its own roller coaster of emotions. We would not change a thing about the adoption. We love that we have an open relationship with both of Matthew's birthparents. We can't say thank you even for the decision that they made.

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Keilani said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We love you guys!