Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last night was a rough night. Matthew fell asleep really well and Scott put him in his crib around 10:30 pm. Around 11:30, Matthew started crying so I got up and gave him his nuk which usually puts him back to sleep. He wouldn't take it so I picked him up and rocked him. Out in no time but I rocked him just a little longer to make sure he was sleeping. When I put him into the crib it lasted long enough for me to crawl into bed and almost get comfy. Needless to say, we ended up sleeping on the couch most of the night. I tried to put him back in his crib around 3:30 am with not much luck. We were back on the couch by 3:45 am. He is a little stuffed up and a little bit of a runny nose.

I remember when our niece Emma was teething. She always got stuffed up and had a runny nose just before her teeth came in.

Plus Matthew has not had much of an appetite lately so I am thinking that he will probably have teeth REAL soon!

I am just hoping that he will sleep in the crib tonight because I didn't sleep very good on the couch.

Hope everyone has a splendid day!

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Keilani said...

Oh, I remember those days... they were about 8 months ago! He just needs some extra TLC from mom & dad, which he gets tons of! Give him an extra kiss & hug from Grandma G.