Monday, March 23, 2009

Food and Family

We have moved onto #2 baby food. The doctor gave us the okay when we were in for Matthew's 6 month check up. Matthew sure has not had an appetite lately though except for yesterday he had an appetite. We were even up at 3 am this morning and he wanted to eat. I am thinking that Saturday he wasn't feeling well or maybe the teeth were hurting. No teeth are coming thru yet.

We had a wonderful weekend! Scott was home most of the weekend except for a few hours on Saturday when he was helping his brother, Kyle, cut down a tree. Matthew and I also went to Kyle's and I helped make breakfast for them. Sunday we spent the day together. We even got a nap in while Matthew was napping. Actually Scott and Matthew got some play time together while I napped and then Scott was able to nap after Matthew went down for a nap. Matthew seemed to want to sleep alot yesterday. He took 4 naps yesterday.

I will post pictures later this afternoon when Matthew is taking a nap! I got some cute ones of him and Scott.

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jodilee0123 said...

Jada has kind of been the napping queen lately--but up twice at night. I don't know which I prefer. She does have two teeth poking through now, though, so I bet Matthew's are coming! :0)