Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mommy & Matthew!
More Matthew produced bubbles!

Daddy splashing water on him to keep him warm while Matthew blows his own bubbles!

He loves his bath time especially with Daddy!

1st time in jumper! He mostly turns in circles instead of jumping.

Our super smiley happy baby!!!!

Ah-Choo!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You!

First Nap in the crib! He only slept 1/2 hour. He slept about 1/2 hour to 40 minutes in the crib today, but first I let him sleep on my chest for 1/2 hour.

Hope everyone enjoys Matthew's pictures.

We are sure proud parents and love to take lots of pictures. I just wish that I could scrapbook more to keep caught up on all the pictures that we are taking. Last weekend I spent time organizing all the pictures. We actually had to buy an external hard drive to hold all the pictures because it was slowing our computer down so much. I think that I have already used about 40 GB of the hard drive (it is 1 TB (terrabyte), which is equal to 1,000GB) so I can take lots more pictures. HaHaHa!


Keilani said...

Oh my goodness you guys! He has such a personality now! Look at all of those smiles... Thank You so much. I look every day to get my Matthew Fix...Hahaha

Tia Noel said...

Yes we LOVE the pictures you take allowing us to share in your lives and watch Matthew grow. You guys are AWESOME parents and he is so very lucky to have you. God knew what he was doing when he brought you all together. DESTINY. God Bless you All and Thank you.