Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bath Time with Cousin Emma

Matthew LOVES bath time. It doesn't matter who takes a bath with him or if you give him a bath by himself-he loves them. Whenever our niece, Emma, stays overnight she loves to take a bath in "auntie's" bathtub (it's a small whirlpool tub with a couple of jets in our master bath). Saturday night when she stayed I bribed her to eat all her supper with a bath in "auntie's" tub and if she was really good we would have Matthew join us. We had a great time!
Remembering back to before Matthew was born-Emma was pretty excited that she was getting a new cousin. When we found out that we were going to be parents we didn't know how to tell everyone so on our annual camping trip we let Emma tell everyone that she was getting a new cousin. After we set up our tent, we were in the tent talking and getting our beds ready and we were talking to Emma about her new cousin and asked if she wanted to tell everyone that she was getting a new cousin. So it was her little secret until dinner that night. During dinner I had her come over to me and I held her up and I told her to tell everyone her secret. She had to say it four times before we got everyone's attention. It was really exciting and everyone was really excited for us. During one of our days camping, Scott and I had to leave to go to an ultrasound and when we got done we asked Matthew's birthmother if she would like to meet Scott's family so she came to the campground with us. After we introduced her to the family, Emma came over to us and asked birthmom if she had a baby in her tummy. Birthmom said Yes and we all laughed.

Then the Sunday before Matthew was born, Emma was in the front of our church during the children's sermon and she kept saying "I'm getting a new cousin." Then our pastor said, "And God's grace will be with your new cousin too." The whole congregation just laughed. I think that she had an intuition that her new cousin was coming sooner that we all knew.

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