Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Matthew has been sleeping in his bassinet since he came home from the hospital or sleeping on our chests! Well yesterday I decided that Matthew has to get used to sleeping in his crib so it is not a big shock when he outgrows the bassinet. I decided that naptimes during the day would be a great time to try the crib. Yesterday did not go well. The first time he only slept 1/2 hour. The second time it was maybe 1/2 hour. So needless to say, he was a grumpy baby yesterday afternoon. Any ideas anyone??????????? He was in a better mood when Scott got home because he took a little catnap while I was holding him. During dinner last night, he was in his bouncy chair that has toys hanging above with velcro and he was pulling so hard that he ripped it right off the velcro. It sure surprised him a little bit.

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