Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Some More Pictures

I've been having a hard time getting Matthew to let me take some pictures of him.
When he does let me, I take full advantage of the situation because it doesn't happen often.
Usually he ends of mad at me because I take a few to many. 

 This is usally the type of pictures I get:
 These next few are a rare occassion (with a smile and not a fake smile):

 Fake Smile:
 Now he's mad!  I pushed the limit!

 Snuck in a surprise shot:
I hope you don't think that this shirt is the only one that he has because he has tons of shirts.
It's one of his favorites and gets worn a lot!
Must be the only one that he wants his picture taken in because I think the last several posts he has been wearing this shirt but the pictures have all been taken on different days.

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