Thursday, March 22, 2012

Matthew and his Cousin Landon

Last weekend, I got to take pictures of our nephew Landon.  We also captured some of Matthew and Landon.

Matthew asked if Landon was our baby.  Sorry buddy but he is just your cousin.
Matthew has been asking about brothers and sisters lately.  One day in the car he was telling me that he wanted a sister.  I told him maybe someday you will have a sister or brother. About an hour after this conversation, we were checking out at Wal-mart and he told the cashier that he was going to have a sister.  I had to break his heart and tell him that MAYBE someday he would have a sister or brother but not now.  I'm not sure he could handle sharing his mom or especially his dad.  He has a hard time seeing mom and dad hug and kiss.  He is always there to break us up so that I'm not touching his dad.  He won't even let us hold hands!  He's a crazy kid but we love him like crazy!

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