Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a story or two, maybe three

The other night while Scott was giving Matthew a shower, Matthew told Scott, "Look
Daddy our toes are the same just mine are little."

On Monday on our way to school, Matthew decided that I needed help with directions to get to school.  He told me that to get to school we have to go the same way we do to get to Uncle Kyle's house. He is such a smartie.  Yes we do take the same road. 

One day this week, Matthew and I walked down to the mail box and when we were coming back up the driveway, he stops, picks up a rock and says, "Mommy this is a chalk rock."  I was like okay and I carried his chalk rock to the house while thinking to myself, "how in the world does he know what a chalk rock is."  Sure enough it was a chalk rock.  Send Scott a text, no response so I call Papa (Matthew and Papa like to pick up rocks to throw in the river) and ask him if he has told him about chalk rocks.  Nope but he said maybe Emma (our niece) because she talks about them.  Finally get a text back from Scott.  He told Matthew about chalk rocks LAST summer.  It's crazy what this child remembers.

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Keilani said...

Kids have memories that are amazing!!!! I love all the pics and stories that you have put up Joanna!! Thank you for keeping your blog going!! Tell Matthew Grandma G loves him...only 6 weeks left until school is over, and Kaci & Grandma G graduate!! Love you guys :)