Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water Park Fun with Cousins

We have been trying really hard to get together with the cousins to go to the water park.
We finally were able to get together on Friday for an afternoon of swimming.
I was really surprised how brave Matthew was in the water.
Last summer, he wanted nothing to do with swimming at the beach.  He only wanted to play in the sand.
Maybe he was just showing off to his bigger girl cousins.
Of course, he needed mommy to catch him on the slide.
The slide on the right was a little bit faster than the one of the left due to the shape/curve of it.
He did go down the one of the left by himself while I stood up on top and watched.
His favorite thing to do was to stick his hands in the spraying water and make it go everywhere.
Then all of a sudden, he had to go potty!
Off we ran!
It was hard trying to run and take a wet life jacket off a wet boy but we made it in time!
Matthew and his 3 older girl cousins.
Levi was with us too but he was already in dry clothes when we decided to take this picture.
Climbing up the net ladder.
Trying the other side of the slide.
Just looking up at Daddy!
Least Daddy can get a picture of him looking!
Trying to venture out into the pool at the end without his life jacket.
A life jacket is a must in these kiddie pools.
We tried at first without a life jacket.
It only lasted about 2 minutes before I was a basket case and needed him to wear a life jacket.
Another picture of the Cousins
Back row: L to R: Alexa, Emma, Eva
and Matthew in front!
For several days since swimming, Matthew keeps asking about going swimming again.
Very Soon!
We will be able to get his small swimming pool set up at our "NEW" house!!!!
We are very excited!
We close on our new house in 2 weeks!
It will be a couple months before we move because our new house needs a little bit of a remodel.
We also get to set up Matthew's turtle sandbox that he has had since his first birthday but has never been able to play in because we moved to this little apartment and it went to storage!

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jodilee0123 said...

What water park is this one? It looks like a perfect size for our kiddos--and we will probably venture off to your neck of the woods sometime this summer....