Saturday, May 21, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff

I am sorry that I haven't posted anything lately. 
We have been outside enjoying this beautiful weather.
On Tuesday this week, Matthew helped me transplant some plants that needed replanting and he also helped me plant some seeds.  We are going to try growing onions and rosemary.
Thursday he got to play with his new bubble machine.
Bubble machine you ask?  We used a little bribery to get him to go poop on the potty.  First time we bought it and he only gets to use it on the days that he goes poop on the potty.
He also doesn't want you to watch him while he is in the bathroom.
He says "Ouk" for Out!
He started this new thing where he thinks he has to ask the same question over and over again.  He repeats it faster than you can answer him.
He also answers your questions with the same questions.
We have a mini golf course in the area called Pirates Cove and Matthew calls it Arrr Matie Cove!
He says toe gram for toe jam!  He hates toe gram!  As soon as his socks come off he is looking between his toes and removing it.
He loves napping on the couch with daddy!  I know daddy loves it too!
He loves to help around the house!
He enjoys playing outside!
He likes to build "fires" as he calls them!  He piles up sticks and whatever else he finds and says he is making a "fire".   
He snores!
We'll be moving to a new house in about 2 months!  So excited!  Matthew loves playing out in the yard at our new house!
We had a great time last weekend when we celebrated Mother's Day with Adie!  We went to dinner and then went bowling.  I'll post pictures soon!


Keilani said...

What a nice update Joanna! Thank you.. If you need some help with the house let me know, so we can help. Grandma G is so proud of Matthew going poop on the potty!!! I miss you Matthew, and cannot wait to see you this summer. You are growing up wayyyyyyyyy too fast!!! We miss mom & dad too! You will have to come over soon & plat baseball with the boys, or play in Grandma G's garage!Hugs & kisses, and LOVE.

Elisa Seaba said...

:arr matie cove" that is so cute!!