Monday, March 21, 2011

A Visit with Cousins

Not this last weekend but the weekend before we went to the cities to celebrate Scott's uncle's 80th birthday!
Matthew got to see his cousin, Logan.
These 2 little cousins are only 3 months and 5 days apart.  Logan is older.
They haven't seen each other for over a year but they became instant buddies.
They had a blast playing together.
Pictures on the other hand: one would look but the other wouldn't.
But here are a few cute ones:
They didn't want to speak no evil or hear no evil.  Hahaha!
Then it was time to go!
We also got to see this little honey!
I can't believe that she is almost 6 months old.  This is "baby" Lauren (as Matthew calls her).
Remember when she was first born.  Click here to see her first picture.
She was just a talking and cooing at me!
I loved every minute!

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