Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Visit to the Dentist

This past week, Scott and I had our dental check-ups.  When I was there on Wednesday, the dentist suggested that he also should see Matthew.  I told him that I had planned on bring Matthew in on Thursday to observe Scott.  He said that he would take a look at Matthew too if Matthew would allow it.
Here is how it went:

Waiting for the dentist:
Opening up for the dentist:
Dentist taking a look:
Waiting to get his teeth polished:
Showing mommy how wide he can open:
Wearing the hygienist's special sunglasses to block the bright light:
The hygienist using her "magic" toothbrush:
One tooth done and that was all he was going to let her do:
We all had great check-ups and none of us had cavities!
Matthew even got his picture taken and put up on the "No Cavity Club" board for everyone to see.

PS Do you see the desk in the background of a few of the pictures?
That was one of the last commercial cabinet jobs that I designed before Matthew was born.

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