Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Boy Bed

On Friday night, we decided to turn the crib into a big boy bed:
Matthew loves it!
Trying out and playing in his bed:
He was pretty excited:
On Saturday morning, I heard him wake up but I stayed in bed to see what he would do.
He stayed in bed for 45 minutes talking and singing to himself until I went in there with the camera of course.
Sorry this top picture is blurry.
The bright light of the flash!
Getting out of bed:
Now when he wakes up, he stands up like he is still in the crib and cries or hollers for mommy or daddy.
He is doing awesome in his bed!!!!


Keilani said...

Awww... :( He is growing up too fast!!! He is absolutely adorable of course, but it is also hard to believe he is 2 already. Thank you for sharing all of his wonderfulness with us. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. I can't ever say enough thank you's to you Joanna & Scott for letting me be a Grandma! Love you!

Facing50Blog.com said...

This is a great blog. It oozes love. Made me feel all sloppy inside again and for one moment I missed my son who has left home. Still I'm over it again now. :)

Just stumbled over your blog via My Life Such as it is.

Wishing you much happiness
Carol from www.facing50withhumour.blogspot.com